Text to Give

Text giving (text-2-give) is hands down the easiest and most secure way to give. If someone knows how to send a text message, they can give to your church in seconds .

90% of the world’s population can send and receive text messages, with most being read within seconds of receiving. Text to donate improves engagement with donors by allowing them to easily give from wherever they are at any time of the day!

Not to be confused with the old school mobile phone carrier based text-to-give, Tithe.ly text giving is lightyears better! Once you have your dedicated church giving number, anyone can give in seconds right from their smart or dumb phone! They don’t even need to be physically attending a service or church event.

Unlike most providers, Tithe.ly text to give for churches settles donations directly to your checking account, gives you access to all your giving/giver data, and costs tons less than carrier based text-to-give.

Once you have your unique Tithe.ly church text to give number all you have to do is educate your congregation by putting it up during a service, passing out the “giving posts cards” we send you, and putting it in your newsletter/bulletin.

It works so well that we’ve seen churches sign-up on a Thursday or Friday, tell their church about it on Sunday morning during service, and raise thousands immediately.