* History

What is now South Coast Christian began in 1974 as a group of families meeting weekly for Bible studies at the Hilton Hotel in Laguna Hills.As the group began to grow, the location was changed throughout the years to meet the needs of the congregation. Whether the church made its home in a local high school building, the Elks Lodge, or a storefront converted facility, the vision remained the same, to be united as a community of believers, with the heart to learn from the word of God. In 1978 the church took on the name South Coast Christian Assembly, followed a decade later by the purchase of a 3.3 acre chicken farm in San Juan Capistrano which would in 1996 become the home of the church’s first Sanctuary Building.


Today, South Coast Christian continues to meet in this beautifully constructed building in San Juan Capistrano, pastored by Tom Westerfield, who joined the church September 2012.